The Sudbury Revolver Club is  an 8 range facility, located on Maki Rd. just outside of Garson.
Our heated indoor range can be accessed year round, and makes shooting in any weather quite enjoyable.We are currently taking in new members. Joining us is easier than you think, drop us an email to get started. Do not wander onto club property uninvited.

Matches are listed on the calendar.

2014 Dues are due.
Dues have increased by $5.

Big Bore Match March 16th This is match is to be shot with a .40 cal or larger (revolver or semi-auto) and optics are allowed.  The course of fire is the same as the heritage 900 (30 slow, 30 times and 30 rapid fire) and is not a handicapped match

Easter Match April 6th This match is shot with a .22 and optics are allowed.  The course of fire is 10 slow, 10 timed and 10 rapid fire for a total point value of 300.  This is a handicapped match.